Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nice place to visit in europe

It's always been so boring every time you see the same common thing in front of your eyes..same view, same environment, same activity, same person and so on. It's time for you to pack your stuff and go out somewhere far far away from your living area to refresh yourself . Make sure you go to a place that you never visit before, make a new friends, find an unusual activity and have some fun. There are some places in Europe that quite refreshing.

1. Prague

Prague is a quite touristic place in Europe. It has a lots of tourism object, shopping charm, and culinary variations. Prague is the fourteenth-largest city in Europe and also the home of 1.3 million people. You can visit the famous Charles bridge which has a beautiful scenery (especially at night) and also having a site visit to a powder tower, castle, astronomical clock and some local beautiful church. You can also enjoy shopping in the small alley near the Charles bridge which provides some famous branded goods with a special deals. Also you can find a traditional foods in the city central (outdoor area when summer).

2. Anywhere in Switzerland

Other than the famous bank in Zurich and the legendary chocolate, Switzerland has a super beautiful nature in the entire land. The water which flows in river and the lake are blue tortoise colored and it's ready to drink because the waters are a melted ice from the mountain and no pollutant .  You can visit the eternal ice in Titlis mountain, having a cruise in the lake in Luzern and so on. You will see the  god's most beautiful creations in here :'). But beware of your spending's, everything are a lot more expensive in this country especially the foods and some local goods.

3. Nice Ville

Southern France has a lots of beautiful beaches, Cote d' azur is one of the most visited beach in France. This beaches is  located in Nice ville nearby to Monaco. The environment in this city is very cool, you could see a lot's of exotic car community around the streets and also a beautiful building scenery surrounding the beaches. There are also some amusement next to the beaches such casino and fancy restaurant and shopping center.

4. Vienna

Vienna or Wien is the capital city of Austria and this city you can visit some historical object of austria such the Schoenbrunn palace which has 1,441 rooms and a beautiful garden and roman ruins at the area. Vienna also known as the residential city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This city also has an beautiful old historical parliament building which also becomes a tourism object.

5. Dresden

Dresden is the capital city of free state of Saxony. This city has a lots of historical object, museum and so on. The old churches and other historical building are build long time ago and has been reconstructed after the WW 2. The best thing of this city is the scenery of the old town during the sunset from the bridges which connected the old town to the city.

6. Rathen

Rathen is located 35 km in southeast Dresden. Rathen itself is a village in Elbe Sandstone Mountain. This place has their famous tourism object which is the Bastei cliff. Bastei cliff was a castle fortress in the 13th century and has become a concentration camp during the WW 2.

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